You may think 3D Printing, is something for The Future?,….but we like you show that it´s actually Here and Now.


We at Object Print take you a step closer to this ´next level´ technology by inviting you to look at just a few of the endless possibilities which 3D printing has to offer. We also would like to trigger your interest to come up with many more, and in return we will endeavour to materialize them for you. 


With a background in the yachting industry it has been a natural path to take to promote Object Print first and foremost in that area of interest. Printing 3D Boat Models, Mock-ups, Proto types and Spare Parts for the yachting fraternity has proven to be a great success.


Our goal is not to stop there, but also to investigate other market niches to promote 3D printing to like Architecture, Engineering, Art, Household, and last but not least the Cool Kids on the Block.


We´d like to promote 3D printing as a cost effective and time saving option to the more traditional ways.


We can provide you the following services:

-         3D engineering and design,

-         3D print production of models, prototypes, spare parts, moulds for composite production, custom plastic or composite items and many more products as well as


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The doors at our Santa Catalina office are always open, if you like to pay us a visit and check out the printing process.

You can find us in
Calle San Magin 45 (St. Catalina)

E-07013 Palma de Mallorca



Please contact us on
+34 693 736 106


Team Object Print is looking forward to welcoming you soon.